• wasabi avocado dip
    Dips & Dressings

    №8 Wasabi Avocado Dip

    JUMP TO RECIPE TIPS & TRICKS I love guacamole and one day, when I was about to make it, I got an idea to spice it up with some wasabi and nutritional yeast. I was surprised how tasty it was! This recipe is:Gluten-free, RAW, Vegan, Without artificial sugar, Nut-free, Soy-free, Corn-free If…

  • plant-based shredded parmesan
    Vegan Cheese

    №7 Plant-based Shredded Parmesan

    JUMP TO RECIPE TIPS & TRICKS When I started discovering plant-based lifestyle and veganism back in 2013, this was one of the first recipes I learned to make!I didn’t know what to eat and how to make it work…Plant-based lifestyle was new to me and I had no idea what to…

  • green spirulina hummus
    Dips & Dressings,  Snacks

    №5 Green Spirulina Hummus

    JUMP TO RECIPE TIPS & TRICKS Are you #gogreen person? Haha, then welcome to the club! I wasn’t always a green fan, not at all… I still remember these moments at Vitalvibe when Jirka made barley grass drink – ohhh my, it was so gross – looking back I know…

  • how to reuse glass jars from pickles, jams

    How to Reuse Glass Jars from Pickles, Jams…?

    GIVE THEM A SECOND CHANCE We live in a ‘perfect’ world, where we care more about the design of things than the functionality. A world where everything needs to be made by well-known designers and look a certain way to be good enough for us! (btw. I am like that…

  • №4 Salty Coconut Bacon Chips

    №4 Salty Coconut Bacon Chips

    JUMP TO RECIPE TIPS & TRICKS This recipe was an absolute experiment but it worked! Unexpectedly, I had friends coming over, and I am that person who has all these ‘strange’ ingredients in the pantry but no popcorn, chips or beer! I would be like: “What about some barley grass…

  • Desserts,  Porridge,  Snacks

    №3 3 Min Gingerbread Chia Pudding

    JUMP TO RECIPE TIPS & TRICKS Oh yes, this recipe saved my life! Haha, we have a very close relationship becauseI wouldn’t be able to make it through the busiest timeswithout my beloved 3 Min Gingerbread Chia Pudding recipe! We are busy people– career, education, relationships, parenthood, you name it!…

  • why is 70% dark chocolate not healthy

    Why Is 70% Dark Chocolate NOT Healthy?

    FOOD MARKETING #1 – READ LABELS Sometimes I am just thinking: “Are we buying chocolate or an overpriced nicely wrapped sugar?” ‘Healthy food’ is a trend and a huuuuge business. My intention is to share with you as much as I have learned about the food industry marketing. So, next…

  • homemade almond milk
    Drinks & Smoothies,  Milk

    №2 Homemade Almond Milk

    JUMP TO RECIPE TIPS & TRICKS I am not sure why we call it almond milk?? In my opinion, it is a pure liquid white gold! This milk changed my entire world when it comes to plant-based milks. I remember when I tried to make it for the first time…

  • raw coconut lemon hearts
    Desserts,  Snacks

    №1 Raw Coconut Lemon Hearts

    JUMP TO RECIPE TIPS & TRICKS I cannot believe that this is the first LetHerThrive recipe! No surprise that it’s coconutyyy! I dreamed about having a lifestyle blog where I could share my vegan & gluten-free recipes, write about vegan traveling and restaurants, share health tips and how to make this…