why is 70% dark chocolate not healthy

Why Is 70% Dark Chocolate NOT Healthy?


Sometimes I am just thinking: “Are we buying chocolate or an overpriced nicely wrapped sugar?”

‘Healthy food’ is a trend and a huuuuge business. My intention is to share with you as much as I have learned about the food industry marketing. So, next time when you go shopping, you know what you are paying for, what you are putting into your body as well as what is good stuff and what is junk (even though it looks healthy)….

I grew up loving ‘white chocolate’. My grandma used to have it for me in her pantry. ALWAYS! However, I grew older and I started seeing ‘white chocolate’ as something not that healthy. Later on, I became vegan meaning no white or milk chocolate.

I have never been a fan of dark chocolate (I mean the real stuff). Let’s be honest, who would go for bitter dark chocolate when that white sugary stuff was right there? Hmmmm!

However, a lot has changed with me going vegan a few years ago – especially my taste buds! I had a ‘good quality dark chocolate’ the other day at work. Even though it was supposed to be good quality chocolate, it was junk! I could just taste the sweetness, not the chocolate itself… “I thought I was eating good quality chocolate not a candy bar!” It hit me, and I knew that I need to share with you what I know!

SUGAR, the hidden killer…

We need to pay attention to the amount of sugar in our food. Besides the amount of sugar, we should focus on the source, how it was processed and how it raises our blood sugar!

NOTE: ‘Total carbs’ on the nutrition facts table is the sum of dietary fiber, sugar, and starches not only sugar itself. The subheading ‘Sugars’ includes both natural sugars and added sugars

Today, we are focusing on ‘SUGARS’ in 70% chocolate…

I went to the store to take photos of some 70% dark chocolate bars to show you what I am talking about. I cannot show you the brands, but I can tell you how they promote themselves, and show you the nutritional facts…

Chocolate №1 seems quite healthy, but when we take a closer look, we can see that there is 27g of sugar per 100g meaning that there are 6,75 teaspoons of sugar in this 100g of chocolate… Imagine, that more than ¼ of this 70% dark chocolate bar is sugar. Healthy?

Chocolate №2. Again, it sounds pretty healthy but… 31g of sugar per 100g = 7,75 teaspoons of sugar in this 100g of chocolate. It is almost ⅓ of the chocolate… pretty expensive sugar I would say!

Chocolate №3. I believe that you are getting my point… 28g of sugar per 100g = 7 teaspoons of sugar.

Chocolate №4. The same as the chocolate №3 – 28g of sugar per 100g = 7 teaspoons of sugar.

Chocolate №5. Here we come again and I could keep going… 29g of sugar per 100g = 7,25 teaspoons of sugar.

did you learn something new

I hope you did, and that before buying the next 70% dark chocolate, you will read the label first.

TIP: Be aware that specialized health stores are selling chocolate with high sugar content as well. Do the research, read labels, stop wasting your money and eating something that doesn’t support you.

Personally, I am trying to buy the best quality food as much as possible, but I don’t like to spend a fortune as most of us. Therefore, I am buying 100% BIO chocolate = I save money because I don’t pay for overpriced sugar. Keep reading, you will know what I mean♡

find in my pantry

Do you see the difference? When we buy whole foods this is what we get: 0.5g of sugar per 100g!

I am getting this 100% BIO chocolate from Vitalvibe, where I had my 6 months internship in 2016 – If it resonates with you, grab Vitalvibe discounts I got for you from Jan (the owner) to get this chocolate, and other goodies for your pantry even cheaper♡ 

For me, chocolate is a superfood but humankind turned it into junk food. Sometimes, when I run out of my 100% chocolate to make my own chocolate, I enjoy My Raw Joy Chocolate (using coconut sugar) or I go to buy some to a regular store (still better than my once beloved ‘white chocolate’), but I remember to read labels. At the store here in Denmark, I can find 70% dark chocolate with 14g of sugar per 100g – still a lot but it is ½ of the five mentioned above.

There are many options and it can be overwhelming, but I hope that now you know what to pay attention to. I am not saying that you should never eat a chocolate bar with a higher percentage of sugar, not at all! Just be aware and try to experiment with the 100% stuff instead! I just love to use it in my vegan & gluten-free recipes⭐︎

LAST TIP: Buy RAW chocolate from unroasted cocoa beans and all the as I call “side products we call chocolate” will no longer have a place in your pantry.

Health is wealth, eat high quality vibrating food and THRIVE!

Love, Denisa♡

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