how to reuse glass jars from pickles, jams

How to Reuse Glass Jars from Pickles, Jams…?


We live in a ‘perfect’ world, where we care more about the design of things than the functionality. A world where everything needs to be made by well-known designers and look a certain way to be good enough for us! (btw. I am like that myself – I like nice things just not necessary branded❀)

Glass jars are a great example – we would rather spend 10x more money to buy branded glass jar than reusing a glass jar from the tomato sauce we bought at the supermarket – even though both were made from the same material at the same factory… but why?

Before I buy something, I often ask myself: “Denisa, it is beautiful and stylish but do you need it? Is it another thing you are not going to use?

Can you relate?

Times have changed = I changed…

Today, I get more excited from reusing food glass jars than spending a fortune on branded ones… I am not sure why, but the feeling of ‘environmental contribution’ and that I can do something meaningful is very satisfying!

Our Danish home wouldn’t be a home without glass jars from pickles, honey, mustard or olives☆ It would feel like something is missing – that’s how much we got used to them!

My grandmas and mom are using the small glass jars from mustard or yogurt when making homemade jams back in the Czech Republic. The bigger food glass jars (from pickles, mayonnaise…) they recycle and keep using the reusable food plastic containers instead.

We have some reusable plastic containers at our Danish home as well. However, I got to the point when using them doesn’t feel right.

How to reuse glass jars

Sooo, how it all started?

One day, when I was standing by the recycling bin, I realized how many glass jars is wasted (even when recycled) and it made me think:

➳ What could I use them for?
➳ How could I reuse them in the kitchen?
➳ Using glass is healthier and more sustainable than using plastic – so why not to use them?

In the end, it doesn’t matter if we are using a fancy glass jar or a glass jar from pickles because the outcome is the same. STORING OUR FOOD!

How do I reuse food glass jars?

⭐︎ I store the coconut sugar in a big glass jar from a coconut oil
⭐︎ I use a glass jar from honey to marinate tempeh
⭐︎ I soak lentils for sprouting in a glass jar from mustard
⭐︎ I use a glass jar from olives for storing our Creamy Cashew Dressing
⭐︎ I like to use glass jars from pickles as a tea cup
⭐︎ Also, I store my shampoo soap in a glass jar from almond butter

When we have too many glass jars at home, we either recycle the older jars and start using the new jars OR we recycle the new jars and keep using the older ones.

There are so many creative ways to reuse them, especially in the kitchen.

I hope you got inspired and see the value in the glass jars you might haven’t seen before. Consider giving them a second chance to be part of your household for a little longer.

How do you reuse your food glass jars?

Share it with me in the comments below – I am very curious to hear and get some new tips from you.

Love, Denisa♡

reusing glass jars
I reuse jar from Vitamin C to make my №3 3 Min Gingerbread Chia Pudding recipe with Elite Green Protein for lunch.
Reusing glass jars 1
I reuse jar from mustard to make raspberry chia pudding for lunch. And a glass jar from tomato sauce to make barley grass drink.
reusing glass jars 2
I reuse jar from pickles and drink my Creamy Chocolate Smoothie from it.
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