Hosting my first Airbnb experience: Healthy Vegan Lunch in Aarhus

Hosting my first Airbnb experience: Healthy VEGAN lunch in Aarhus

I love feeding and meeting new people! It sets my soul on fire♡ First, there is that ‘being nervous’ feeling that soon changes to ‘being super excited’ feeling! I always feel like that and it doesn’t matter if I am giving a speech, having a health coaching session or facilitating women’s circle, it’s always there, but it never stops me!

How it all started…

I learned about Airbnb Experiences when I was creating a listing on Airbnb for our mobile home in Croatia. I think that hosting experience is an amazing opportunity to meet new people and share what we are passionate about – healthy eating, wellness and nutrition in my case.✨ 

Sooo, it didn’t take long and I was writing a description for my first Airbnb experience called Healthy VEGAN lunch in Aarhus

I thought that the people who would be interested the most in my healthy vegan lunch experience would be tourists visiting Aarhus.

Then, I got a few messages from locals, who would love to attend during the weekend and I realized, it’s not only tourists at all.

My learnings:

  1. I was surprised because I thought that it would be tourists interested in my experience, not locals. So, if you are considering to start hosting your own experience, consider locals as well.
  2. Based on that, think about the time when you want to host your experience. In my case, it’s lunch and most of the locals are working during the week – therefore, they can attend only during the weekend.
Hosting my first Airbnb experience: Healthy Vegan Lunch in Aarhus
Healthy vegan lunch in Aarhus

Good learning. So, I set up a date for my experience for Saturday – as you can see, Teresa, Lise Lotte and Karen joined. All 3 are locals.

I prepared the vegan charcuterie board for us and when the ladies arrived we made 100% chocolate mousse for dessert together.

We had a wonderful time sharing and listening each others stories. I truly believe in a deep human connection and that food is an amazing tool connecting us.

Share your passion with the world…

Being a host is so rewarding – having a chance to create a space for people where they can THRIVE and enjoy themselves is the best feeling ever.

We all have something to share with the world and I am confident to say that creating Airbnb experience is a wonderful opportunity to share our passion with the world.

Healthy vegan lunch in aarhus recommendation

Both Lise Lotte and Teresa are hosts on Airbnb. They are very kind and open-minded ladies – check them out!

Here is Lise Lotte’s Airbnb profile

Here is Teresa’s Airbnb profile

The summer is here and I am thinking about hosting another ‘Healthy Vegan lunch in Aarhus’ experience. Let’s see what the future brings but I would love to host the experience every second month to meet new people and share my passion.


Have a wonderful day and I am going to enjoy our Danish summer here in Aarhus✨

Love, Denisa♡

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