• how to reuse glass jars from pickles, jams

    How to Reuse Glass Jars from Pickles, Jams…?

    GIVE THEM A SECOND CHANCEWe live in a ‘perfect’ world, where we care more about the design of things than the functionality. A world where everything needs to be made by well-known designers and look a certain way to be good enough for us! (btw. I am like that myself…

  • why is 70% dark chocolate not healthy

    Why Is 70% Dark Chocolate NOT Healthy?

    FOOD MARKETING #1 – READ LABELSSometimes I am just thinking: “Are we buying chocolate or an overpriced nicely wrapped sugar?”‘Healthy food’ is a trend and a huuuuge business. My intention is to share with you as much as I have learned about the food industry marketing. So, next time when…