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Hi from Denmark…

Hiiii friends! I am Denisa, the creator of LetHerThrive, a lifestyle blog for busy people to find quick and easy-to-make vegan & gluten-free recipes together with health tips and inspiration on how to eat well & THRIVE in the 21st century♡

The story behind: Being a busy vegan… We don’t need to sacrifice our health for being busy!

I have been vegan since July 2014, and let me tell you - it took me almost 2 years before I found a way of eating/living that works for me but before that...

''I remember having 12 banana smoothies for breakfast/lunch, and 2kg of baked potatoes with avocado dip for dinner almost every day for over a year.''  

I struggled to find a ‘healthy vegan’ way but I didn’t give up until I DID!

When I did, another challenge came - LIFE - but I was ready!

I used to sleep 4-5 hours a day - handling 2 educations (degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship AND health & nutrition), side projects, having a part-time waitressing job, training 5-6x a week to be a great speed skater and I maaade it work!

How did I make it work and stayed healthy?

I knew that a good fuel (food) that is easy to digest, and gives me energy is fundamental for me to stay healthy while being busy! I needed quick and easy-to-make vegan recipes that I could make even at 4 in the morning before going to the gym (haha, ask my flatmates - they didn’t like my blender at that hour!) because vegan food is not always available at work, school...

I didn’t have hours to spend in the kitchen even though I love it - so I started looking for solutions and developing vegan recipes for myself that would fit into my way of living aaaand would be tasty, not gross!

My thought: We live in a crazy world that won’t change tomorrow! Therefore, it is important for us to understand that we don’t need to sacrifice our health for being busy - we just need to reinvent ourselves and find a way of eating/living that works for us in this world.

What motivates me to wake up and work on LetHerThrive?

It's the fact that I can share my experience, struggles and all I have learned to show you that it is possible to THRIVE and stay healthy while being busy! I am here and we will make it work together☆

I wish LetHerThrive to be the place you go-to to find vegan & gluten-free recipes, health tips and inspiration on how to stay healthy on the plant-based diet while being busy!


⭐︎ Bare with me, English is not my mother tongue

⭐︎ Writing is challenging for me, I prefer talking - but it won’t stop me

⭐︎ Born and raised in the Czech Republic - and I love Czechland (as I call it!)

⭐︎ I am December child - 28.12.1992 and Adela’s older sister♡

⭐︎ I live in Aarhus, Denmark with my as you guess Danish boyfriend Steffen

⭐︎ Family, friends, traveling, nature and good vegan food is all I need to THRIVE

⭐︎ I have been studying management and business in the CZE, the USA and Denmark

⭐︎ I am certified health coach. I have been studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition based in NY and had 1:1 clients ever since

⭐︎ Working for food companies taught me about food marketing, trading and how the food industry works (Sharing it with you)

⭐︎ I am down-to-earth vegan since July 2014 - I love meat-eaters! (Neither my family or Steffen are vegans - respect is the key!)

⭐︎ I am in love with skiing and inline speed skating

⭐︎ I am passionate about all health & food related - big time!

⭐︎ LetHerThrive is my baby and seeing how much it supports people makes me proud! Happy mama!

What am I up to today?

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Catch me on STORIES

This is my THRIVE journey!

January 2013

Moving to Chicago, Illinois for 13 months!

April 2013

Discovering a plant-based lifestyle and veganism - done with eating meat!

March 2014

Back in the Czech Republic getting a first slow juicer from my beloved parents...aaahhh!!

June 2014

Moving to Denmark, EU to get my next business degree!

July 2014

Turning VEGAN! I still love meat-eaters♡ 


Experimenting with new ingredients and starting to develop vegan & gluten-free recipes!

January 2016

Starting my 6 months marketing & event internship at ⭐︎Vitalvibe⭐︎ Attending food expos and festivals 

February 2016

Bio expo in Germany - learning more about marketing and trade of our food!

June 2016

Buying my first high-speed blender… heaven is reeeal!

January 2017

Passion for health is real...Starting 1 year online education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition based in New York to become a Certified IIN Health Coach

May 2017

LetHerThrive is born… the focus is on health, food, women’s circles and self-development


Getting my first dehydrator for my 'summer vacation' money⭐︎ 

February 2018

GRADUATION! Becoming a Certified IIN Health Coach

June 2018

GRADUATION! Bachelor degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship (in love with Startups♡)


Health Coaching, Running LetHerThrive Women's Circles, Developing recipes...

Thinking: What is my plan with LetHerThrive?


to be continued...